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A safe space to start or improve your Pilates practice with professional guidance tailored just for you

Developing through movement and breathing

Haute training

Pilates classes fully personalised, all levels welcome. If you are a beginner, I offer foundational classes to help you find the confidence you need to get to know your body. For advanced practitioners wishing to step up to the next level, you and I will work together to achieve your goals. If you are recovering from an injury or going through active rehabilitation, classes will be tailored to your needs.

About the instructor

Tundi has an extensive experience working with clients from all age groups, diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. She is passionate about the human body, movement and guiding others towards achieving their very best in developing a healthy body and mind. Tundi strongly believes in life long learning and is constantly seeking to further educate herself. She loves exploring different cultures and landscapes, Tundi currently lives in Kuwait with her family.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals”

Joseph Pilates

What People Say

“When I first met Tundi, I was  straight out of 6 months of physiotherapy sessions done for my back , an injury I had gotten from rushing into strength training post childbirth and which had stayed with me for more than two years after my second child and still present after my 3rd delivery. Instead of continuing with physio I decided to try pilates, let’s just say I never looked back. Not only did Tunde help me regain strength, and tone up, she also made me forget my backpain and even straighten out my posture. My sessions with Tunde have become a staple in my weekly routine. Sessions with her are like rehab for my back and spirit; they are gentle yet strenuous and have totally re-shaped not only my body but also my mindset towards building a stronger less injury prone body.”


“Loved Tundi’s style of teaching. She is very clear with her instructions and made the class flow beautifully.”


“I booked a class with Tundi 4 years ago and I have not looked back. I suffer from scoliosis and not every instructor takes that into account. She has helped to improve my posture, strengthen my core and increase my flexibility by tailoring the workout to my needs and weaknesses.”


“Thank you for your class today! I want to thank you for all classes before, it had a big impact on my life”


First consultation

30 minutes consultation

3 weeks validity

Private session

55 minutes private class

3 weeks validity

6 classes package

Purchase six classes together

8 weeks validity

8 weeks program for a Healthy Back

Reduce chronic back pain, create strong support for your spine and work on its mobility and stability.

£ 135

6 weeks program for a Strong Core

Gain deeper understanding of your core and improve strength.

£ 105

4 weeks program Introduction to Pilates

Develop a habit of regular practicing and learn a safe and effective Pilates routine.

£ 70

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Your first consultation to learn about you and start designing your personal training plan.