Pilates is a method of exercise that emphasises on proper postural alignment, breathing and muscle strength, it develops balance in stability and mobility. Creating a flow of specific movements and positions, focusing on control are principles designed to condition the entire body, that ultimately correct alignment and balance.

Joseph Pilates created the method. A visionary man ahead of his time, Joseph was greatly influenced by Eastern and Western forms of exercises as well as philosophies; the connection of body, mind and spirit is fundamental to the Pilates system.

Practicing is a constant evolution of learning and should always address the following Pilates principles:

Awareness, balance, breath, concentration, center, control, efficiency, flow, precision, harmony

My story

When I first discovered Pilates I was astonished by its great effect on my wellbeing, having always been a very active person physically with a “go to” attitude and a restless mind. Pilates thought me how to remain in the present and to be in touch with my own body. The practice of Pilates also cured an ongoing neck pain which I had for years and very quickly drew me into studying this method in more depth.

After completing my first course many years ago, I since practiced with a lot of different people, cultures, body types and personalities. I have gained great knowledge about movement, patterns, body alignment and corrections for which I am very passionate about. I then decided to enhance my knowledge by studying the healing effects of Pilates and l became Certified in special conditions and active rehabilitation for common pathologies. The clinical approach to Pilates comes natural to me since I grew up in a family of doctors and medical professionals. I have inherited a great passion for people’s health, healing others, the human anatomy and improving wellbeing.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals”

Joseph Pilates

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