You will start with a 30 minutes introduction consultation to understand what level you are at, your previous experiences, your lifestyle, whether you have any special requirement and to determine your goals. As part of the consultation we will go through a series of pre-Pilates moves to discover your level of strength, mobility and range of motion. This initial time together is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss concerns related to movement and body.

Following the consultation, your private movement plan will be designed and we are then good to go with booking your classes.

  • Consultation

  • Designing your class plan

  • Book your private session

What you need for the classes:

You need to set up a quiet space where you are comfortable and you can safely practice without interruption which is essential for you to focus on yourself

You also need an exercise mat and comfortable clothes. During the consultation we will discuss any potential small props to maximise efficiency but we can also have the classes without anything but a mat

You will need to download Zoom in advance and have a camera angle set up that shows you in full on the mat for alignment and adjustments. I will share the passcode to access our Zoom meeting before the class

How to book your sessions:

Bookings are made via email, once your booking is scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation, payment options with terms and conditions. Payment is a simple bank transfer.

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